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(La version française suivra) Many of the hunting and fishing companions or families at The Lodge like to swim in the Ottawa River along these shores. Surrounded by forest, the scenery is breath-taking. To access the shores at the Antler's Kingfisher Lodge, you must be guest staying on the grounds. The water quality is not being monitored along this stretch, proceed at your own risks. For more information on Antler's Kingfisher Lodge, visit their website: http://www.antlerslodge.ca/

Les compagnons de chasse et de pêche et les familles qui hébergent au Lodge aiment se baigner dans la rivière sur ces rives. Entourée de forêt majestueuses, la vue est magnifique! Pour accèder à la plage, il faut être en hébergement à Antler's Kingfisher Lodge. Il n'y a pas d'échantillonage pour tester la qualité de l'eau à cet endroit, procèdez vos propres risques. Pour plus d'information sur Antler's Kingfisher Lodge, visitez leur site internet: http://www.antlerslodge.ca/

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I came from the Netherlands to Canada for a paddling holiday. I’m a beginner paddler and I ran my first rapids on the Madawaska River. The best moment was when I overturned at the beginning of the rapid called “rifle shoot” and I swam all the way down the rapid, hitting my butt on rocks and being carried under water by big waves. It was super!

Madawaska River, ON - Mauricio Magosso
St. Lawrence River Watershed