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Wards Island is a little piece of natural paradise in the City of Toronto. It is a popular place to visit for Toronto mainland residents, and tourists. Wards Island is where the residential part of the island is. It is home year round to over 600 people. In the summer the residents and visitors of Wards Island have multiple places to go fo a canoe, kayak, and Stand-Up-Paddle. There are also many secluded beaches located on Snake Island and Algonquin Island Park.

Popular places to access the water include the freshwater lagoon named Sunfish Cut. On any given day in the summer people are seen Stand-Up-Paddling, canoeing, swimming, and relaxing in the water. The Inner side of the Sunfish Cut is a popular spot for recreational water users. There is a wonderful, and secluded beach located on Snake Island and many opportunities to take a dip in the cool fresh waters of the lagoon.

Water Quality:

  • Weather
  • Current temperature
  • -7°
    Feels like -14°
Snow (2–7 cm.) in the morning.

    • Humidity

    • 57%
    • Precipitation

    • 0%
    • Precip. type

    • None
    • UV Index

    • 0
    • Visibility

    • 16.1km
    • Sunrise

    • 7:12 AM
    • Sunset

    • 5:52 PM
    • Wind gust

    • 28.4kph
    • Wind speed

    • 19.5kph
    • Wind direction

    • Northwest

    • Tuesday

    • -4°
    • -11°
    • Wednesday

    • -7°
    • Thursday

    • Friday

    • -3°
    • Saturday

    • -1°
    • Sunday

    • Monday

    • -5°

Lake Ontario is important to me because when I was a little kid I loved swimming. I’ve been in water pretty much since I was baby.

Lake Ontario, ON - Trudie Gilbert
Lake Ontario Watershed