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Amplifying voices: BIPOC influencers to follow on social media

Published June 12, 2020

Photo courtesy of Mario Rigby on Instagram

At Great Lakes Guide, we’ve been deeply inspired by people in the BIPOC community that are using their voices and their platforms to bring about awareness, spread knowledge, and create change in the world.

It’s vital that we listen to, reflect on, learn from, and amplify these voices.

These trailblazers, creators, and activists are challenging the harmful narratives that too many of us simply see as the norm–or not notice at all.

They’re revolutionizing what it means to be an “outdoor person.” They’re bringing to light the multitude of social and systemic barriers that so many people face to something as simple as going for a hike.

Here are BIPOC-run social media accounts you should be following:

Outdoor enthusiasts in the Great Lakes Region on Instagram

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Dear Black Girl, Whatever lie they've told you, don't believe it. There's space on the river. I'm holding it for you. I willl be your representation until you see yourself here. The water is healing. I'll teach you how you can receive it. Fishing is art. I'll show you how to appreciate it. There's life here! You deserve it. * #flyfishing #blackoutdoors #blackinnature #fishing #representationmatters #5050onthewater #Toronto

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Miesha Dennis, Brown Girl Outdoor World

Julian Victor WILD!

Filsan Abdiaman, Project Run Love

Mario Rigby, Modern Day Explorer

Sabrina Chapman

Rhiannon K

Check out Filsan’s recent feature on Great Lakes Guide, Running towards healing: discussing BIPOC mental health with Filsan Abdiaman

Instagram accounts supporting and featuring BIPOC in the outdoors

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Welcome to outdoor diversity blog, Melanin Base Camp. This is MBC and Diversify Outdoors founder, Danielle Williams. I started MBC on Instagram in Feb 2016, with the goal of creating a shared space for people of color in the outdoors. That didn’t exist then. It does now. Together, #MelaninBaseCamp and #DiversifyOutdoors have been used over 87k times on Instagram in the past few years. It’s been exciting to see the growth of newer organizations and ideas and how they flourish in this space. We are a diverse BIPOC team of seven writers and occasional guest bloggers who write about race, gender, disability, and LGBTQ+ identities in the outdoors. Our monthly bloggers include myself, African American climber & Pathologist @felinefavia; Afro-Latinx climber, hiker & RN @flying_tortuga; black kayaker & outdoorsman @adamchechireedwards; Korean and Taiwanese American skydiver @burritohsu; Search and Rescue team member & Latinx mountain-biker @trailturista and Muslim hiker & environmentalist @amachuuf. Thanks for following us. If you’re new here, please take the time to get to know this amazing community. If you made it this far, let us know what your favorite 90s television show was in the comments. Check out & tag #MelaninBaseCamp to help us #DiversifyOutdoors!

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Melanin Base Camp

Unlikely Hikers


Colour the Trails

She Said What She Said!

The Outdoor Journal Tour

Tiffany & Michelle, Black Girls Trekkin’

Outdoor Afro HQ


Pattie Gonia


Indigenous botanists, caretakers, teachers, artists, and activists on Instagram and Facebook

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. . It’s been a whole lot of trips to the ocean lately. Giving her all those knots in our bellies, lumps in our throats & that energy built up in us that feels like anger. But trying to remember that underneath all anger is hurt. . . Grateful to have such spaces to surrender all the feels. It’s been heavy AF, feeling unsupported, overwhelmed & out of fuel. . . Please tell me some of you are hot messes too? . . #kwisitis #firstnations #grief #isolation #ceremonywithdrawals

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Melody Charlie Photography

Marjorie Tahbone

Nadya Kwandibens

Kent Monkman

ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᖅᑕ

Creators Garden

Ilana and Paul

Blue Jay Botanicals

Isaac Murdoch

Linda Black Elk

Check out this article about 6 traditional medicines you can make at home from Winona Ominika on Great Lakes Guide.

Indigenous Twitter accounts

Chelsea Vowel (âpihtawikosisân (Zoticus) on Twitter)

Alicia Elliott

Jack Saddleback

Adrienne Keene

Robert Jago

Jesse Wente

Environmentalists on Instagram

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Hiya! With the influx of new folks in my community, I just wanted to take time to say that my name is Isaias and I use he/him pronouns. I have always been passionate about the environment at a young age, and my page was created to share my life + share accessible environmental education content. I have worked hard the last few months to cultivate a community where one can learn along the journey of environmentalism while unlearning at the same time. This page will always amplify BIPOC creators, and I wanted to take the time to share some points for those who are new here :) - - - - 1.) I majored in Environmental Science at UC Berkeley. Also, I experienced environmental injustice in my community growing up, which is why I come into perspective from both personal and academic views. 2.) Most environmental pages I've looked up to in digital spaces were always White and never talked about environmental justice, environmental racism, and many more. Queer Brown Vegan aims to dismantle and diversify people's feeds. 3.) I've always wanted to become a teacher/professor in the future, which is why I love producing content. - - Lastly, I just wanted to note that I am not Black, I am Brown. Please refrain from tagging me on Black creators to follow and instead look for actual Black creators who are doing amazing work. Some of my favorites are here below(and also be respectful) : @marandas_world [Low-Waste, Sustainability Parent] @greengirlmagic [Climate/ Environmental Justice Lawyer] @rasheena.fountain [Environmental Educator / Writer] @climatediva [Climate Advocate / Writer] @climateincolour [Climate Conversation Bridge] - - #environmentaljustice #environmentalracism #enviornmentalism #ecoeducator #climatejustice #climateaction #enviornmentaleducation #earthday #earthmonth #environmentalprotection #environmentalawareness #climatejusticenow #climatecrisis #climatecrisisisreal #culturestrike #brownenvironmentalist #globalwarming #climatestrikeonline #sunrisemovement #extinctionrebellion #ecoeducator #digitalstrike #climateactivist #ecoactivist #climatebreakdown

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Isaias, Queer Brown Vegan


Tori Tsui

Kristy, Brown Girl Green

Karen Ramos

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