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Discover 18 dog-friendly beaches on the Great Lakes

Published August 26, 2020

For those of you who have a cute furry pooch you’d like to bring to the beach before summer is over, it’s time you discover the best dog-friendly beaches on the Great Lakes. Spending time outside with your furry companions will lift your spirits and also give your dog exercise and time with you.

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So you might be wondering…

Where can I take my dog to the beach in the Great Lakes region?

Dogs are welcome on many public beaches, Provincial Park beaches, and trails in Ontario. Here are the 18 most beautiful dog-friendly beaches on the Great Lakes for you and your dog to enjoy together.


Lake Ontario

    Cherry Beach
    Located on the east end of Toronto, Cherry Beach is a beautiful off-leash fenced area with plenty of room to swim and run.

    Balmy Beach Park
    Kew-Balmy Beach, located in the Beaches, has a great dog park with a new fenced-in off-leash area. You can also enjoy a walk along the shore on the natural vivid scenic boardwalk.

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Lake Huron

    Wasaga Beach
    Whether you come to Wasaga for a weekend or just a day, you’ll be amazed to find you feel as if you are on vacation. Wasaga Beach is 14-kilometers long, making it the longest freshwater beach in the world! While others are bathing in the sun, you and your dog can join in the fun at Wasaga Beach Area 3. Dogs are welcome between the wooden fences at the east end of the Beach Area 3 parking lot.

    Pinery Provincial Park
    Pinery Provincial Park offers more than just a scenic maple and oak savanna forest. It also has 10 kilometers of sandy and pebbly beach. You and your dog can visit the sandy P1 Dog Beach on the west side of the park near the day-use road called Picnic Area 1.

    Killbear Provincial Park
    If you check out Killbear Provincial Park, you can take part in endless activities like biking, birding, hiking, swimming, and canoeing. There are two designated sandy beaches for your dog. Both beaches are perfect for dogs of all sizes to enjoy. The area near the group camping section is an off-leash area, and the other is an on-leash area.


Lake Michigan

    Kirk Park
    The towering dunes at Kirk Park will have you mesmerized. Hike the short 0.26-mile off-leash trail that leads to the park’s west side. There, your dog can run free during the hours of 7-10 am and 7-10 pm.

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Lake Erie

    Long Point Provincial Park
    Long Point has an off-leash dog beach and exercise area located in the New Park area at the west end of the day-use beach. Make sure you keep your dog under control at the beach and use a leash when you go to other areas of the park.

    Rock Point Provincial Park
    Rock Point Provincial Park is a small park along Lake Erie where you will see a combination of sand and pebble beaches. You might even find fossils along the shore! The dog beach is located just west of the end of the beach in the day-use area.


Lake Superior

    Katherine Cove
    There is no doubt that Lake Superior is stunning, with glacier rock formations along the shores, sandy beaches, and crystal blue water. Katherine Cove is a small park with a designated area for dogs. Depending on the season, you can swim in the warm shallow water or use the sandy beach.

    Lake Superior Provincial Park - Awenda Beach
    Ah! Lake Superior—the powerhouse of the Great Lakes. You’ll be in awe amidst the beautiful scenery, small beaches, and big waves along the shore. Awenda has a designated dog area that is a short walk from the parking lot. It's sandy and rock free, so you’ll be sure to have a great time here

Other dog-friendly spots in Ontario:

Bon Echo Provincial Park
Ivanhoe Lake
Kettle Lakes
Windy Lake
Mikisew Provincial Park
Charleston Lake Provincial Park
Sibbald Point (Lake Simcoe)

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Credit: Meghan Callon

We hope you and your pup have a blast at the beach. Make sure you follow Ontario Parks’ rules about bringing your dog to Provincial Parks. Remember to follow the B.A.R.K. Ranger rules, too:

    Bag your pet's poop (and discard it in a garbage can).
    Always have your pet on a leash no longer than 6 feet (even on beaches and when swimming).
    Respect wildlife (keep a respectful distance from any animals you may encounter).
    Know where you can go (you are responsible for knowing where pets are and are not permitted).

There's still some summer left to enjoy the great outdoors, so it's the perfect time for you and your furry friend to go to the beach and soak up the the sun and water.

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Credit: Meghan Callon



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