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    Swim Drink Fish video series presented by Ace Hill

In 2001, the Swim Drink Fish movement started in Toronto, on the shores of Lake Ontario. For the past 17 years this expansive, beautiful, beloved waterbody has been a constant source of inspiration in our pursuit of a swimmable, drinkable, fishable future. The lake is an ecological wonder, and was once such a recreational water destination that Torontonians rode the streetcar for free when they did so with their bathing suit, on route to their city’s beaches.

For more than a century, pollution, development, and overfishing have all taken a major toll on the lake. Lake Ontario is still great, and still a wonder. Nine million people rely on her for their drinking water, and Lake Ontario has more beaches than Florida, California, and Hawaii. Lake Ontario continues to offer so much to visitors and residents alike as a place to swim, surf, and reap the benefits of a life on the water. Still, the lake carries the reputation that’s she’s ruined, too dirty to touch.

Through advocacy, stewardship, culture, and science, Swim Drink Fish works to connect people with water. In the case of Lake Ontario, this is more of a reconnection to a lake in recovery. Follow the links to the videos below to see why it's so easy to love this lake.

About the video series

In 2018, Ace Hill Beer, Swim Guide, and Studio Sophomore produced a video series to highlight stories about Lake Ontario.

For the past two years, Ace Hill Beer has been a proud supporter Swim Drink Fish. By funding initiatives like Swim Guide, they help connect people to their local waters. After all, you need good water to make good beer.

A swimmable, drinkable, fishable future is not possible without a lot people working together towards the same goal. If it takes a village to raise a child, collaboration between communities, businesses, governments, and citizens is what is needed to restore and protect our water. These videos are part of an invitation to join the Swim Drink Fish movement.

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