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The freedom of camping

Published July 5, 2018

Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Waste nothing but time.


You powered through your busy week, the car is packed, and you’re headed into the woods for a weekend of camping. This is your weekend to do whatever you want. No alarm clocks, no schedules, no deadlines.

    Camping in the Great Lakes gives you the chance to unwind and essentially spend your time in whatever way makes you happy. It’s the perfect opportunity to forget about your week and recentre.

There is a reason why most people who go camping make it a lifelong hobby. Picture it — you wake up whenever you want, and you have the entire day ahead of you. Start off your day by finishing that book you’ve been reading, taking a morning dip, or casting a line. Heck, even crack open a beer if you want. You’ve earned it!

As the afternoon rolls in, perhaps you want to tie up the hammock and take a nap or bust out some good old-fashioned camping games. Everybody loves camping games. If you disagree, you might not be playing the right ones.

Have you ever heard of Kan Jam? Who ever knew throwing a frisbee into a can could be so much fun!? Horseshoes, lawn darts, ladder ball, bocce ball, bean bag, or washer toss — there are camping games for everyone.

Cooking on a campfire is one of the best parts of camping, and no, spider dogs are not just for kids! Type "easy campfire recipes" into Pinterest, and you’re sure to find something that excites your taste buds.

Now that the sun has gone down, you’re surrounded by the sound of laughter and campfire stories. There’s a backdrop of shimmering, moonlit water and a blanket of stars as far as your eyes can see.

You feel relaxed. So content, in fact, that you forgot to check your social channels for a whole 24 hours. The best part? You still have a whole other day of fun ahead of you tomorrow.

Hiking, paddling, fishing, and swimming are some of the most popular camping activities. This makes camping in the Great Lakes region particularly awesome because it combines all of your favourite activities into one fun-filled weekend.

Treat yourself to a weekend of bare feet, s’mores, and good times with people you love. Find a park near you using the Great Lakes Guide map!



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