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    Great Lakes Guide: Your gateway to the outdoors

Great Lakes Guide is your gateway to the outdoors. We will introduce you to new activities and destinations in the Great Lakes Region — whether you want to try something new, like stand up paddleboarding or dog sledding, or want to get active by hiking or swimming. We promise, there is something out there for everyone!

Looking to take it easy and unwind?

There are so many ways to relax in the Great Lakes region! Find a quiet space and give your senses a much needed rest. Go for a walk along a boardwalk, a trail, or discover new places in your very own neighbourhood. Take your favourite hobby outside! Bring your easel to the lake, or listen to your favourite podcast and read your favourite book on the riverbank. Refresh your mind and reinvigorate your creativity.

Searching for your next great date idea?

Try a romantic picnic by the water and finish off the evening by laying back and counting shooting stars.

Looking to go on an adventure and discover new places?

Try hiking! Hiking is the perfect way to get outside and explore the region. And, you can choose your own adventure — pick trails that are right for your experience and fitness level. There are hundreds of hiking destinations to choose from, ranging anywhere from quick, 30-minute hikes, to challenging 7-day trips. Don't have a partner to hike with? Consider joining these hiking groups and courses in Ontario!

But don’t just stick to the trails! There are many other classic ways to explore the Great Lakes. Try kayaking or canoeing — a fun way to discover those secret, secluded areas with your friends. By paddling, you can see more in less time and you don’t need to own the equipment! Many parks and cities offer canoe/kayak rentals, making these watersports easy and accessible.

Looking to take a dip and feel refreshed?

The Great Lakes have thousands of beaches and lakes to cannon-ball, belly-flop, and gracefully dive into. But you can do so much more than just swim! Have you ever thought, “I’d like to surf, but it looks too hard”? Try stand up paddleboarding! This laid-back sport is a great way to get out on the water. You don’t need big waves and six-pack abs to get out there and have fun. And, it’s perfect for people of all ages! It’s no wonder why this is the fastest growing water sport world-wide.

Want to try something a little more fast-paced?

Try kitesurfing or windsurfing! These two wind-water sports are sure to give you a thrill as you fly over the lakes, your boards carving into waves beneath you. Or, for those of you who want adventure beneath the surface, try scuba diving. Lake Huron alone is home to more than 1,000 shipwrecks just waiting to be explored. Some of the best open-water diving is right here in the Great Lakes.

Looking to get away and escape into nature?

Go camping for your next vacation. Camping provides a natural detox from the demands of everyday life. Spend time with the people you love, meet new people, or take a solo trip for some peace and quiet. This adventure will leave you with a real feeling of accomplishment, as you successfully live the rugged lifestyle.

For a unique escape into nature, try dog-sledding or horseback riding! Explore the region via the sheer power of animals as they carry you through the trees and trails surrounding the Great Lakes.

No matter your age, interests, fitness level, or level of experience, there is something for everyone in the Great Lakes region. Check out the What to Do page to find out more!