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Visit these top Instagrammable spots on the Great Lakes

Published March 25, 2019

If you’re looking for a beautiful spot to snap that stunning insta pic to turn you Instagram famous, just head to one of these top most instagrammable spots on the Great Lakes.

Get those double-tapping hearts a flowin’ while enjoying a bucket-list outdoor adventure. Trust. You’re gonna want to visit these must-see destinations.

Plus, there is typically more wind by the water, so that hair will be FLOW-ING in that fresh, fresh breeze. Like? More like LOVE.

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#ErieIsEverything: Long Point Bay

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Do you still travel all the way to the Caribbean for sandy beaches? You don't have to! With over 1.5 km of sandy beaches on the warm waters of Lake Erie, it’s as close as you’re going to get to Caribbean waters in this neck of the woods.

Kayaking, fishing, mountain biking, boating, cycling, bird-watching, kite-boarding, and camping are just a few of the activities to do at Long Point Bay. There is also a lighthouse on the beach to take the perfect beach day photo.


#MichiganCrushMonday: Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

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Sand Dunes for miles! This Northern Michigan park was established because of its outstanding natural features, including forests, beaches, dune formations, and ancient glacial phenomena.

In 2011, the area won the title of "The Most Beautiful Place in America" from Good Morning America. So, clearly, this place is worth visiting. And not just for the insta pic...

With 56 kilometres (35 miles) of pristine Lake Michigan beaches, two large islands, enormous sand dunes, and inland lakes, there is so much to do, so much to see. Relax on the beach, grab a tube, raft, canoe, or kayak and head for the river, or get on your bike and cruise down the lakeshore.


#SlayInSuperior: Sault Ste Marie’s Ice Caves

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Joe Brusky (Flickr: Link)

Embracing the frigid winter months here in Canada is the only way to make the most of it. What better way to enjoy winter than by visiting a once in a lifetime destination?

This is where the Great Lakes city of Sault Ste Marie fits perfectly in your next winter adventure. Sault Ste Marie has the most beautiful ice caves in Ontario. Before freezing over, large waves on Lake Superior (which can be over 6 metres high!) crash up against rocks near the shore and form ice ridges in sheets.

These breathtaking formations are the perfect backdrop to your next insta pic. The best time to see the ice caves is mid February to early March, so start planning this trip for next winter’s freeze.


#OnlyInOntario: Toronto Islands

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The Toronto Islands are a small chain of island south of mainland Toronto and are really unique to anything you can find in the city. You feel like you have truly gone on vacation, when you literally just had to take a 15 minute ferry ride from the downtown core.

Cafes, beaches, piers, and plenty of water activities to indulge in like kayaking, canoeing, and stand up paddleboarding will keep you busy all day. The islands are mostly famous for the beautiful view of the Toronto skyline, undoubtedly breathtaking during any time of day or night. So get that phone out and start snapping. You'll be Instagram famous in no time.


#HappiestInHuron: Flower Pot Island

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Were you aware that there are massive prehistoric-looking rock formations right in your very own backyard? You will feel as though you have travelled to another world when you visit Flowerpot Island in Fathom Five National Marine Park.

The island is famous for its natural "flowerpot" rock pillars, caves, historic light station, and rare plants. Most visitors take a tour boat from the town of Tobermory to spend a half or full day on the island hiking the trails, picnicking, swimming, and (of course) taking pictures of the one-of-a-kind scenery.

Did You Know?

There are fascinating dive sites with 22 shipwrecks near Flower Pot Island, so maybe bring an underwater camera too.

Ok. I know. That was a lot. Five must-see destinations on each of the Great Lakes. Your phone is tingling with excitement.

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So start planning your trip! Visit the map and check out all of those must-see spots. Get your friends together for some summer road trips. Play some tunes, hit the road, and start living that Great Lakes dream.

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