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Ottawa River, ON

Kathryn Nicol

My watermark is the Ottawa River.

Growing up, I lived in a house that was right on the water, so every day after school I would go down to the shore and look for frogs, look at clams, add to my rock collection... I was there pretty often. In the summer, I would kayak, canoe, swim with my friends and family, which led to the formation of a ton of happy memories that I still treasure to this day. My first summer job was actually working as a lifeguard on one of the beaches in the Ottawa River. Now it has still become a very special place to me. I go to the Ottawa River to just think, to meditate, to think about life, to just kinda chill!

Current Weather

-6° degrees celsius.
Possible light snow (1–2 cm.) in the evening and overnight.


Ottawa River, ON


St. Lawrence River

Collected by

Katya Smirnova

Contributed by

Kathryn Nicol

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