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What in the world is a watermark?

Published April 3, 2018

"I was really fortunate to have some of my earliest Great Lakes experience with Lake Superior... The water is clean, crisp and really cold at times. We boiled and drank water from the lake. We also bathed in the Lake, and I bathed my little babies in the lake. It was a very nurturing connection."

University of Toronto (Watermark Project)

This is a watermark. No, not the faded text that prevents you from using that beautiful stock photo. It is that one moment... that experience... that time in your life when you felt a connection to water.

And everyone has one of these stories — even you! Maybe it was that time you got a snorkel and mask for your seventh birthday, or when you took your baby for its first swim, or when you heard the story of your grandparents crossing the ocean to start a new life.

Water connects us all. It is the most fundamental element of our existence. And because it is so essential and present in our daily lives, we often forget about the integral role that it plays. We forget how precious water is and how lucky we are to turn on our taps and drink fresh, clean water.

The Watermark Project was created to bring this importance to light, archiving true stories and creating a living record of our shared water heritage. By recording which bodies of water we use — water that we eat from, drink from, play in, live by — we can help protect them for generations to come.

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Viridiana Jimenez

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Discover the places that are important to people just like you. And share your own story, so others can feel your connection to water and be reminded of their own.

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