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    Ausable River, ON - Josh White

My name is Josh White, I'm from Hamilton, Ontario. My watermark is the Ausable River just by the Pinery Provincial Park. I've been to the Pinery many years with my parents and it was always a great time going there just cruising along the river on either kayaks or canoes. It was just really relaxing and I always enjoyed going there.

My best memory there would be my first summer going there when I realized that there was one of the few places where there was an indigenous bird, I can't remember what it was, and they loved to eat mosquitoes and I realized that there was far less chance of you getting destroyed by mosquitoes that summer than anywhere else I had ever been camping. So going there and realizing that I could go and really enjoy the river without getting eaten up was great, it was probably my favourite thing about it.

Ausable River, ON

Pinery Provincial Park, Lambton Shores, ON


Contributed By
Josh White

Collected By
Gabrielle Parent-Doliner

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