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Baie Fine, ON

Bill Milne

My Watermark is Baie Fine, Ontario.

Some time in the 1940's, not sure of actual date, an entrepreneur Toronto plumber named Stanfield built, from local logs and stone, Okeechobee Lodge on Frazer Point on the south shore of the inlet to Baie Fine. It had a large main lodge with kitchen and dining room + some accommodation. He also built half a dozen or so guest cabins. It had a in water railway for pulling up bots and a large dock and gas service. Okeechobee created a destination for many USA craft cruising up through the North Channel.

It also became a vacation draw for the Chicago mob who either boated in or flew in on pontoons. I was the 15 year old dock boy and chefs assistant in 1956 and got to experience this wonderful weather protected inlet that led east to a quiet anchorage pool some 2 miles in. There was about 25 staff and close to 50 guests who all had to boat in as there was no other access to the lodge and no telephone service, communications all by radio.

In 1956, the mob wanted to purchase this lodge. Their plan was to put a chain right across the inlet at Frazer point so Baie Fine could be their exclusive body of water. Obviously didn't happen and Okeechobee Lodge ran for many more years .

Myself and my family boated into Baie Fine, docked for the night, and had a very nostalgic dinner in the lodge. This property is now privately owned and Baie Fine is still probably one of the most beautiful calm water boating destinations in Georgian Bay.


Baie Fine, ON


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Bill Milne