Bass Lake, ON

Watermark by Mark Cairns
Collected by Claire Lawson
My Watermark is Bass Lake, Ontario.

I learned to swim on this lake. I've been going there ever since I was a little kid, when I would watch people competing in Triathlons. Then I started doing them when I got old enough. Now I do them at an elite level and several Ironman's later I am still very attached to that lake.
Watermarks are true stories about you and your connection to a body of water. By archiving your story, you add to a living record of our shared water heritage, protecting these waters for generations to come. So tell us: What is your watermark?

When I was young at Manitoulin island. I sat down on the dock staring at the water, feeling the cold, clear and blue water on my feet.

Georgian Bay, ON - Jade L
Lake Huron Watershed