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Bronte Creek, ON

Lyanne O'Leary

I started coming to Bronte Creek when I first moved to Oakville 20 years ago and continue to visit daily. I use the area that you enter off Bronte Road and Upper Middle. Back when I first moved here, that side of the park was undeveloped and utilized primarily by dog walkers. When they put a camp ground in several years later, we thought our dog walking days were over. Low and behold, they kept an area for off leash use.... Lovely wooded trails and farmers fields, not a fenced in field. The dogs can run, roam, sniff and play to their hearts contents. We run Into deer, coyotes and other wildlife, and in the fall you can watch the salmon swim upstream. Sometimes there are so many it seems the water is alive. In the summer, dogs revel in swimming in the creek, and chasing sticks and balls.

Bronte Creek Park is truly a gift to have in the middle of town... So much nature at your door step. In addition to the leash free section of the park, there are great trails for hiking and biking... Fall foliage here is spectacular!

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Bronte Creek, ON


Lake Ontario

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Lyanne O'Leary