• Watermark
    Devil Lake, ON - Tristan Willis

My name is Tristan Willis. I am articling here at Lake Ontario Waterkeeper. I grew up in Inverary, Ontario, its about half an hour north of Kingston, Ontario.

My watermark would have to be Devil Lake which is about 40-45 minutes north of Kingston, its near Westport.

One story that comes to mind is one of the first times I went canoeing alone for a longer period of time. I remember I was actually working, there was a biology station about an hour away from Devil Lake, and I canoed through the different waterways. You can actually connect through the Rideau Canal system and it was something that has stayed with me, being alone in the canoe and seeing how people traveled through the landscape.

Devil Lake, ON

Frontenac Provincial Park, South Frontenac, ON


Contributed By
Tristan Willis

Collected By
Amy Wilford

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