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Don River, ON

Ruby Pajares

My Watermark is the Don River in Toronto, Ontario.

Growing up, I didn't think the Don was anything special. But looking back now, Don-days have always been good days.

Playing with friends, biking along the path, exploring the trails... To this day I still bike along the path. For most of the year, I'm fortunate to have it as part of my commute to work. Its trails are great for running. It's amazing how much wildlife Toronto has tucked away. Deer, bunnies, different kinds of bird species – I was caught in my tracks the first time I saw a coyote. Last year, and for the first time, I saw salmon running upstream. It's easy to gravitate towards the ravine when things seem too loud.

It's definitely a waterbody I feel close to. I love looking at archive pictures of when the Don was vast and mighty. I wish I could've experienced it back then. It's amazing how it's recovered over the years. Even though it's still quite abused, I'm one of the many who cherish it.


Don River, ON


Lake Ontario

Collected by

Amy Wilford

Contributed by

Ruby Pajares

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