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Georgian Bay, ON

Bas Vischschraper

My Watermark is the Georgian Bay coastline near Tobermory, Ontario, at Cyprus Lake in Bruce Peninsula National Park.

This shoreline is special to our family because we have been coming here every summer since the early 60’s. We now have 4 generations enjoying the cliffs, island views, sunsets, and spectacularly clear waters of Georgian Bay. We like to hike, swim, dive, relax in the caves, and enjoy nature along the Bruce Trail.

We have spent many nights sitting on the cliffs all night, marveling at the northern lights, Milky Way, meteors and other celestial delights.

Since the area became a national park, this piece of coastline has become somewhat overwhelmed with tourists during the summer months. Where we used to sit by ourselves at the grotto, and maybe meet a Bruce Trail hiker or two all day, there are now literally many hundreds of people swarming over the rocks, enjoying our piece of paradise. Unfortunately, not all the visitors are as respectful of this natural treasure as they should be, and we are often dismayed at the damage, litter and debris left behind by careless tourists.

Regardless, the beauty of the area is overwhelming, and we hope to continue to enjoy making memories on this spectacular coast for many years (and generations) to come!

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Georgian Bay, ON


Lake Huron

Collected by

Claire Lawson

Contributed by

Bas Vischschraper

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