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Georgian Bay, ON

Eric LeFaivre

My name is Eric LeFaivre and I’m from Penetanguishene, Ontario. I’ve been working for a year now with McKeil, I’m a second engineer with McKeil Murray. I’m all over the place, on the lakes, on the East Coast - wherever they put me.

I grew up on the shores of Georgian Bay in Penetanguishene, Ontario. My dad bought the house, he eventually bought off his parents, and I’m gonna eventually do the same so it’s all going to work on to carry on the generation. I love being on the boat in Georgian Bay. Water is important in my life because it gives me a job, and I love fishing, just love being on the water, love the atmosphere. I don’t know what I’d do without it.

In terms of fishing stories, I have way too many. One that I can remember is one time I caught a fish right off my dock, a 33 inch pike and I ended up being on tv on a fishing show. Sent it into a contest so that was a pretty big moment for me for my fishing career.

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Georgian Bay, ON


Lake Huron

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Eric LeFaivre

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