• Watermark
    Georgian Bay, ON - Jarrett H.

My Watermark is Georgian Bay, Ontario.

It all started along time ago when we took the ferry to Manitoulin Island where my family had a cottage. Now for the past four years on the August long weekend we drive are pop up trailer to Miller Lake campground on the Bruce Peninsula. We take my best friend's family, the McQueens’ with their pop up trailer.

My favourite memory is going to the Halfway Log Dump (Emmet Lake) where there is an overhang where we jump off. My best friend and I go snake catching I have been bit twice in the same spot.

That's why Georgian Bay is my Watermark! I want to preserve this body of water because I want to be able to take my kids here. I do my part by swimming down to the bottom of the water and grabbing garbage and stuff that people just throw in.

Georgian Bay, ON

Bruce Peninsula National Park, ON


Contributed By
Jarrett H.

Collected By
Claire Lawson

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