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Georgian Bay, ON

Sue McLaughlin

My Watermark is Georgian Bay, Ontario.

I grew up at my family cottage (that my father built) every summer near Parry Sound on Georgian Bay, since the year I was born. I was an avid swimmer, water-skier, and fisherman and cook. I loved the water. Georgian Bay is known for its fresh water and beautiful deep blue colour, not to mention the beauty that surrounds the 30 thousand islands.

I remember the feeling of going up after a long haul of working, and the feeling of just looking at the bay, would calm and relax me in moments of getting out of the car. All my stresses of life, would just magically melt away in moments. I would wake up early the next day, make my cup of coffee in my favourite blue mountain coffee mug and take out the canoe and paddle on the calm glass-like lake. There were always loons, herons and the sound of the birds, to listen to! It was where I could get in touch with nature and become grounded once again.

There is something about the calm morning waters that connect you to the earth and reduce your stresses instantly. I also remember, watching people at the beach at the end of the bay where my cottage was situated, washing their hair in the lake, and feeling very upset every time I saw this, as I instantly knew that they were polluting the beauty of the bay, and this was not healthy for the fish, loons, herons, and the ducks that lived in our bay.

I could write a book on the waterways, and how important it is to keep them clean, for the wildlife, and....the human life. Nature has a way of taking all of our stress away, becoming grounded with the true meaning of life and giving us the clarity and serenity we all need in this world (rat race). I myself, could live on a waterfront property the rest of my life!


Georgian Bay, ON


Lake Huron

Collected by

Rochelle Archibald

Contributed by

Sue McLaughlin

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