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Lake Ontario, ON

Eden Hataley

My Watermark is Lake Ontario in Kingston.

My name is Eden Hataley and I'm here to volunteer with Lake Ontario Waterkeeper and do water sampling on the waterfront here in Toronto.

I'm from Kingston Ontario and Kingston Ontario is where the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario and the Rideau Canal come together.

After a full day at work, you get outside and it's so beautiful. All you want to do is grab your friends and jump in the water and refresh. I try to get back to Kingston as much as I can because you can't swim in Toronto like you can swim in Kingston.

One area that you would highly recommend other people to swim in is honestly the middle of the lake; the middle of St. Lawrence. You got to get like a canoe or paddle board and just go to the middle and jump in, that's the best.

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15° degrees celsius.
Possible light rain in the morning.


Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Dana Jackson

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Eden Hataley

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