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Lac Bang Bang, QC

Jeff Westeinde

My name is Jeff Westeinde and I’m from Canada.

My favorite water body on the planet is a lake that we normally call Lac Bang Bang which is where my cottage is. I’m the only person on the lake so when I get up, it’s me, and the fish and the loons. I commune with my lake. It’s a beautiful spot.

One of my favorite things about my lake is I have a sauna on my dock. So our lake is a four season lake, so I chop a hole in the ice in the winter time. We swim after a sauna in the spring, the fall. But my favorite nights are in the late fall before the loons head south.

You get out on a non moon night with all the stars and it’s the loons that are calling and the lake is cold - it might be 10 degrees outside but our sauna is hot and we jump in. That to me is magic.

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8° degrees celsius.
Possible light rain in the afternoon.


Lac Bang Bang, QC


St. Lawrence River

Collected by

Miriam Ahmed

Contributed by

Jeff Westeinde

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