Lake Erie, ON

Watermark by Linda Goldsmith
Collected by John Lawrence
My Watermark is Lake Erie in Rondeau Provincial Park, Ontario.

It's important to me because the shores of Lake Erie is where my grandfather's cottage is, which holds a lot of my childhood memories.

Every July my family would go to the cottage for the month where we would raft and swim to the sandbar, which would change location after a big storm.
Watermarks are true stories about you and your connection to a body of water. By archiving your story, you add to a living record of our shared water heritage, protecting these waters for generations to come. So tell us: What is your watermark?

People are really forcing their way to the waterfront... You can really feel the yearning for water, and a yearning for places on water here in Buffalo that only now is really coming forward.

Lake Erie, USA - David Hahn-Baker
Lake Erie Watershed