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    Lake Erie, ON - Melanie Edmond

My Watermark is Lake Erie, Ontario.

When I was younger, we moved from Toronto, a highly urbanized city, to a very small town named Wainfleet. There was a very large cultural shift from Toronto to Wainfleet, and I was very upset that I was moving to a town, which lacked people, buildings, and activities.

However, the first weekend we were in Wainfleet, my parents took me to Erie Long Beach, which extends out into Lake Erie. That is when my perception of Wainfleet first changed. It was beautiful! Not only was it a place to go swimming, but it was also surrounded by beautiful trees and plants. My appreciation for nature and the environment sparked that day, and I have been a nature enthusiast ever since.

Lake Erie, ON

Long Beach Conservation Area, Long Beach, ON


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Melanie Edmond

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Melanie Edmond

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