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Lake Erie, ON

Terra Duchene

My Watermark is Lake Erie, Ontario.

I grew up around Lake Erie (Port Bruce) and still spend time there today. I have seen the lake go through changes, both seasonally and when there have been more anomalous changes, such as algae blooms. I spent summers sailing Lake Erie, enjoying beach picnics with the community, playing volleyball, and swimming.

I have many happy memories and feelings about Lake Erie, but it is a force of nature, which we must respect. Years ago, along with others sailing on Lake Erie in December to a port to take the boat out of the water, my aunt drowned. In the emotionally difficult years for my family that followed, Lake Erie also provided a source of healing, and we continued to gather together near the Lake in celebration and community.

The bodies of water around us that we cherish can can bring us joy and a sense of wonder for the natural world, and we must work to protect them so that future generations may also create their own ties with the lakes.

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Lake Erie, ON


Lake Erie

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Claire Lawson

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Terra Duchene