Lake Huron, ON

Watermark by Bruce Mellow
Collected by Amy Wilford
My first waterbody was Lake Huron. Theres a lot of stories, we were sailers, we were swimmers, we were water-skiers, we were surfers, we were wind surfers, we did it all, canoers. We mainly raced sail boats on the water. We drank Lake Huron right out of the side of the boat. We would drink it, this was before, I’m a lot older than you guys so yea. We just constantly lived on the water, in it, under it, scuba diving, we did it all.

My family, we lived on the Lake, Lake Huron in Sarnia Ontario. We grew up in it, swimming it, surfing on it, drinking it.

One time when I was out in a storm on a sail boat and the wind kicked up to a tremendous amount of wind almost a hundred knots. Boats were capsizing everywhere and my dad made us go underneath and kept us safe and we made it in, it was awesome, I was a kid.

Were kite sailors now we kite on Lake Ontario now and we live here on Wolfe island and we know Mark Mattson who started this whole thing, he’s a buddy.
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It was peaceful and calm and relaxing. I would listen to the sound of the waves crashing down onto the beach, and the wind ruffling through the leaves and trees.

Lake Huron, ON - Eleni N
Lake Huron Watershed