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Lake Huron, ON

Gracie P

Lake Huron has always clicked with me. For the first couple of years of my life I grew up close to the lake. I went down there all the time with my family. It was bonding time. Now whenever I get the chance to go down to the lake, I take it. It's always fun swimming and playing around in the water with family as it brings us closer together.

The best times are when there is no one around. It is so peaceful, especially when random good time thoughts come through your mind, like the waves crashing and seagulls chirping. There are way too many amazing memories down there. Just chilling down at the beach feels like I’ve been there forever, where all my memories came from. Grabbing ice cream downtown before we head down to the beach is the best on hot days. Even when the water is cold we are down there walking on the boardwalk while staring at the beauty of the lake.

It is always the best when you’re skipping rocks. Everyone is trying to find good rocks, and laughing at failed attempts. When some of us get into arguments we chase each other into the water even though it’s freezing, then laughing about it the next minute.

I take Lake Huron for granted because of its beauty. Other beaches and lakes are filled/covered in garbage. You can’t swim in trash. It's ruins the sparkle from the sun on the lake. Every time I go to the beach, I make sure I do my part to pick up my garbage. I don’t want our lake filled with trash. I hope everyone feels the same way I do about Lake Huron.

The Cove Beach (Lake Huron) is where I grew up, its my young childhood. I will never forget the good times. I’ll never stop visiting and never stop the fun. Lake Huron is something that can never be taken away from me. It is my life.

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Lake Huron, ON


Lake Huron

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Jessica Gordon

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Gracie P

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