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Lake Huron, ON

Jake V

My Watermark is Lake Huron, Ontario.

My family's favorite body of water is Lake Huron simply because we don’t go anywhere else other than Lake Huron. We usually go on Labour Day since we usually have nothing else to do on that day other than relax. Me, Cole, Mom and Dad usually relax by the water, swim, take pictures and have supper. Before we go home we always stop for ice cream too.

It’s super fun to go to the Lake to see how many good people there are but it also shows me all of the people who litter and don’t care about precious animals and our beautiful Lake. There are plenty of garbage cans around the area but some people can’t take a moment to clean up after themselves.

Lake Huron is also special because me and my family have so many good memories at that pretty big body of water. I love the sandy and sometimes rocky beaches, my brother and I have a lot of fun playing in the sand making sand castles while my mom takes tons of pictures of us. Me and my family love it there so that is exactly why that place (Lake Huron) is my families favourite body of water.

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Lake Huron, ON


Lake Huron

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Claire Lawson

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Jake V

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