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Lake Huron, ON

Kate Vance

My Watermark is the big Lake Huron, Ontario.

My family and I go to the beach at the Pinery every summer while we’re camping. I absolutely love this lake because I’ve had so many fun and unforgettable memories on the beach and in Lake Huron. Going to play on the sand and swimming in the fresh water is a tradition in my family.

My favourite memory I will never forget is when my whole family on my mom’s side went to the beach, played in sand, and swam in the lake for almost the whole day. It was SO much fun. I remember my cousins and I building sand castles and digging deep holes into the sand until we reached water at the bottom.

I also remember all of us floating gracefully on the surface of deep water, swaying back and forth with the waves until it brought us back to shore. Although, the Pinery has changed a lot over time. I think the water is getting more algae and getting more litter on the beach. I also know the Pinery is getting a lot more people camping and visiting there so it’s a lot more crowded than usual. Plus, the tick population has doubled so you’re more likely to get the them now.

Although there are some issues going on with this campground I still embrace this tradition and I hope we continue do it every year because I know I'll always have a blast.

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Lake Huron, ON


Lake Huron

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