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Lake Huron, USA

Devin Brant

My Name is Devin Gild, well now Devin Brant, I was just married.

Right now, my favourite waterbody is Lake Huron, that’s where I fell in love with my husband. We both started dating, actually because we have a shared love of water.

He studies sea lamprey management in the Great Lakes and I was working for a watershed organization and through that shared interest we started dating. He was doing his field season up on Lake Huron collecting sea lamprey and I would go up to visit him and we’d walk the shores of the beach and I think just the context and our shared love and sense of place really helped to kind of cement things for us.

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11° degrees celsius.
Heavy rain starting in the afternoon.


Lake Huron, USA


Lake Huron

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Jessica Gordon

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Devin Brant

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