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Lake Ontario, ON

Adam De Rocco

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

Growing up in Kingston within a 5 minute walk from the lake, it has played a major part of my life. During the hot summers, it is always a great feeling to cool off with a swim. I remember learning how to swim at Everett and Reddendale Crerar Parks.

Since joining Lake Ontario Waterkeeper as a volunteer, I have gained a greater respect for Lake Ontario.

I have two Watermark Stories I would like to share about Lake Ontario.

The first is, kayaking off the shores of Bath, Ontario. A friend and I went kayaking for the afternoon off the shores of Lake Ontario in Bath, ON. I felt extremely grateful to have access to such a waterbody. It was an afternoon filled with the hot sun. No cell phones, just kayaks, life jackets and paddles. A great way to get rid of mental taxation, so peaceful. Kayaking is a must during the summer on the lake, I would recommend it to anyone.

The second Watermark story I would like to include is when I had a summer afternoon picnic at Everett Park. A friend and I spent the afternoon at Everett Park, with a barbecue and some baseball gloves. Everett Park has a couple picnic tables, so it is a great spot to have a picnic. To cool down from the sun you have great access to the Lake Ontario shores. Water shoes are recommended because of the shells and slippery rocks. It was a great day, and again I felt grateful to have access to a local park and Lake Ontario.

I can't wait for the winter to fly by and enjoy another summer by Lake Ontario.


Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Adam De Rocco