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Lake Ontario, ON

Andrew Burns

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

I've worked close to the lake my whole life. It's something like a magnet, you're always attracted to the water. To me, the lake is something that is fundamental to my roots.

Today we came down, met some friends, the sun was out, it's August 1st, it's a beautiful day, the water's getting a little warmer, and we got the SUP boards. It's always packed on a sunny day down here, usually it'll calm down during the week when it's a little less quiet. But it's interesting to see everyone down here.

It was gorgeous. It's a warmer day out there, Abby's a little nervous on the board, but it's gorgeous. It's really nice to enjoy it, take it in, and love everything about what it gives to us. It's a beautiful piece of water and it's great for everyone to enjoy.

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10° degrees celsius.
Possible light rain in the morning.


Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Andrew Burns

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