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    Lake Ontario, ON - Judy Fountain

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

I remember in the 1970s that Lake Ontario was deemed a place you didn't swim, there were no fish, and the thought of spending time near the water was not attractive.

Significant effort by many agencies, governments, companies and individuals, the water quality has improved and the fish have returned, and the water is safe. My recent memories are of great pleasure. It started with spending time with my father sailing his boat, and grew into a passion for sailing. With that I have raced, cruised and enjoyed Lake Ontario. It has been a place to bring family together, introduce friends to the pleasure of the water and wind, and to relax. And, a place to learn new respect for the weather when a storm develops.

It is also a passion that has taken us to travel and see much of the world by boat. To enter any port, city or place by water presents a calmer, fantastic experience that everyone should enjoy and share. In our travels we see places where care is not taken to protect the water, and the devastation is horrific. I hope Canada maintains proactive in protecting our waters.

Lake Ontario, ON


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Judy Fountain

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Claire Lawson

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