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    Lake Ontario, ON - Landon Gardner

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

I love Lake Ontario because it’s such an incredible place. So much happens around the water. You look at modern society, everything moves around water. I was 10 years old, that was the first time I went sailing. It was at the Boulevard Club in Toronto. I’ll just never forget we walked the shoreline and we walked up to these boats, they were orange and blue, we had our white sails and we were raising them. It took us like a team of people to launch them. We launched the boats. I remember when I first hopped in there and the boat was a little bit rocky and there were a few puffs of wind there. My skipper was saying “haul in the sails, make it tight”. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I remember being in the boat and the feeling of total freedom. I was just bobbing there. There was a really cute girl there that I had a really huge crush on, and she was in the boat, and I told a joke, she thought it was really funny. I was like “ohmigod, she thinks I’m really funny!” and she was laughing so I was laughing. And I’ll never forget that feeling of total freedom on Lake Ontario. Ever since then I’ve been sailing, fallen in love with the sport, started a company around it as well, and I’ve done numerous sailing campaigns. It’s really charted the course for where I am now, 19 years later.

Lake Ontario, ON


Contributed By
Landon Gardner

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Emma Smith

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