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Lake Ontario, ON

Larry Cavero

My name is Larry Cavero. I’m from Lima Peru. As soon as I arrived to Canada in the early 90s the first thing I saw was the lake. And I was like whoa this is a lake? I just couldn’t believe it. I mean it was an ocean, to me it was an ocean. In the year 2000 we used to go for paddles but we never seen any waves bigger than 1 or 2 feet it was too small to surf. And when my kids were born I used to take them and they started surfing very early and they were squishing those small little waves but I wasn’t surfing. They were catching these little waves until 2009 where somebody told me it was not this, actually you can see and you can get bigger waves than that. We surf Lake Ontario a lot like from corner to corner. From Sandbanks all the way to the Niagara region. We also surf the US side, not a lot, but whenever we get an opportunity we sift the other side as well. We surf in Oshawa like the Oshawa per which is by Simcoe road.

The amount of algae that we found was huge I never seen that before. You can’t even walk, you can’t even move. You can see the amount of algae is terrible every year. This summer was, everybody was getting sick. A lot of people we’d have to get antibiotics. And I’ve had this infection for maybe 3 months already.

Water to me has been part of my life. I mean that was where my childhood was, where I grew up, where everything started. And being able to see such a big lake like the ocean. I was so happy. And so I keep coming back everyday, I made it back everyday. I used to I ride my bike everyday to just see the water and to maybe pretend that one day I would see a wave.

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Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Larry Cavero

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