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    Lake Ontario, ON - Phil Smith

My Watermark is Lake Ontario, in Ajax along the <a target="_blank" class="glg-blog-link" href="">Waterfront Trail</a>.

I want to tell you about a ride that I did, almost did, called the Lake to Lake Ride last year. It went from Lake Simcoe, down to Lake Ontario area.

It was a 100km ride and it was one of these where you dip your back wheel in Lake Simcoe up at Beaverton and you dip your front wheel when you finished in Lake Ontario in Ajax. It was 100km and I got 85km and my back tire exploded on me completely, so for first time in my life I wasn’t able to finish a ride. However a good friend of mine happened to have a van that he could put my bike in, so he drove me to the end so I sort of finished it, I didn’t dip my tire in the lake because I hadn’t finished it but we did finish on Lake Ontario, it’s the most beautiful park down there. That’s where actually we started our ride today, so there’s kind of a connection there from last year to this year, that’s the story.

Lake Ontario, ON

Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, Ajax, ON


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Phil Smith

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Jessica Gordon

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