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Lake Ontario, ON

Sean Boyer

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

I’ve been to places on the water up north, I’ve been to Georgian Bay and the Ottawa River, but I’ve actually never come out on Lake Ontario and it's been right here the whole time. I grew up in Ancaster, Ontario, and my greatest Lake Ontario memory would be today. I just got back to shore after doing a bit of sailing on Annie and that was an experience that I’ve never had before. Rowing on Lake Ontario is a different perspective that driving along and looking at Lake Ontario from the highway.

We take what we have in our own backyard for granted. It is a Tuesday, but it feels like a Saturday. Being out on the water is a whole different experience, I wish I could have my office out in the middle of Lake Ontario. There is nothing better than chilling out on the lake with a bunch of people that you consider your closest friends. It’s priceless.

Current Weather

-2° degrees celsius.
Heavy snow (25–37 cm.) in the morning.


Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Sean Boyer

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