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    Lake Ontario, ON - Shiromi Abesiri

My Watermark is Cobourg Beach, Ontario.

A group of our friends had a picnic at Cobourg beach. It was really amazing, safe and resourceful place for our very diverse age group (toddlers, kids, youths, middles, elders). The beach is rather large and uncrowded even in the middle of summer. It was very clean and lies in a nice neighbourhood.

There is well maintained grass with shady trees. Most of elders in our group played volleyball after long time. Youngsters played Frisbee being in two groups.The sprinkler park was a great relief. The lifeguard service was excellent, and took out the burden while doing water activities.

There is a pavilion too. You have to reserve it before hand. Then can do a barbecue, too. The lighthouse is a quite scenic, but you have to very careful if anybody goes with youngsters. I am a person from a island, so I love beaches. I missed them so much.

Lake Ontario, ON

Cobourg Beach, Cobourg, ON


Contributed By
Shiromi Abesiri

Collected By
Dana Jackson

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