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Lake Ontario, ON

Steven Heighton

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

One day in June a few years ago I walked with my daughter, Elena, and her partner, Liam, the full 8 km length of the dunes peninsula at Sandbanks Park, near Picton. It tapered steadily until it was just a few meters across. On one side, to the west, Lake Ontario receded like a sea and on the other side was the gorgeous lagoon of West Lake. We were running a gauntlet between two bodies of water. When we reached the tip of the peninsula -- water on three sides now, almost surrounding us -- we swam across a forty meter channel into the town of Wellington.

What a day that was. And what a gift it is to have a place like that available all year round. I think I've just talked myself into going back there this weekend and doing that walk again.


Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Amy Wilford

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Steven Heighton

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