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Lake Ontario, ON

Victoria Rombis

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

Lake Ontario is important to me because I grew up in the suburbs of Pickering so I wasn’t connected to going into the water all the time.

A lot of the time I was riding the GO from Pickering to Union Station in Toronto, and I would pretty much riding beside the lake for the whole trip. I got to see the change of seasons and just marvel at this giant body of water everyday.

Something really cool about Pickering is that we have our own beach/harbor front area, so every summer me and my family would go down there and eat at a restaurant with a patio overlooking the water.

I don’t think I’ve ever gone swimming in the water, but we learned a lot about it at school especially as it was in driving distance. Lake Ontario adds such a beautiful background for Pickering which is just incredible.

Even though a lot of people would think that being in a suburb means you don’t have easy access to water. Which couldn’t be farther from the truth. I remember me and my sister would go stand up paddle boarding around the marinas in Pickering. Which is a cool and creative way to interact with the water besides boating, which most people can’t do.

It’s actually become sort of a hobby of mine. Recently we went paddle boarding at night in the Scarborough Bluffs, and we had glow in the dark paddles and boards and people tied glow sticks to themselves. We all waited to watch the sunset which is really incredible because for a moment you forget that you're in a suburb of the GTA. The shop that organizes it is called Sup Surf in the beaches of Toronto.

Working at Muskoka Brewery, beer is something I am obviously passionate about, and water is a big part of the process to crafting great tasting and quality beer. So having clean and quality water is something we strive for in every beer. That being said it's great that we draw water from fresh and clean sources, which is something a lot of people take for granted when thinking of where there beer comes from.

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Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Victoria Rombis

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