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Lake Ontario, ON

Zac Billard

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

I've grown up on Lake Ontario for my entire life, so 30 years. As a kid I grew up in Prince Edward County near Sand Banks Provincial Park which has the largest fresh water dune system beach in the world. I grew up sailing there and where I grew up sailing was in Picton Bay where there's a water treatment plant. So as a kid I used to get pushed into the water because I couldn't swim. I'd end up drinking like half the bay just trying to get back out. Water quality was important and it matters and it's something that I believe.

I don't go swimming in Lake Ontario because I still can't swim, so I try not to. But I do go boating on it, whether it's power boating or sail boating.

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-10° degrees celsius.
Clear throughout the day.


Lake Ontario, ON


Lake Ontario

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Melanie Edmond

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Zac Billard

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