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    Lake Simcoe, ON - Paul Adams

My Watermark is Lake Simcoe, Ontario.

I remember recently we just went ice fishing on a beautiful day. We pulled up to a spot that we thought was lucky. We drilled the hole, set up our spots and were ready to go. I think I had a thermos of tea at the time and some sandwiches. So I was pouring myself a cup of tea, when I turned around to look at the Barrie Shoreline it was gone.

In the time I turned around to look at my shoreline it was gone to. So within two minutes it became a blizzard, where I couldn’t see more than 5 feet in front of me. So I packed up and put my stuff on my little plastic toboggan and head back for the shore. Somehow I got on the wrong path and had to find my way back blindly. Fortunately, I found a river I knew, hopped in my car and drove on home.

Lake Simcoe, ON


Contributed By
Paul Adams

Collected By
Claire Lawson

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