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Lake Talon, ON

Brooke D

My Watermark is Lake Talon in Rutherglen, Ontario. (Talon Lake Campground & Marina.)

When I was young, at Talon Lake, I would swim with the bass. I’d get leeches on my ankles and I’d laugh because it didn’t hurt even though it was bleeding. I’d go on the paddle boat and look at the beautiful rocky hills and trees. I’d catch some sunfish and a few pikes while sailing away on the waves in the pontoon boat with my parents and my grandma by my side.

When I was young, at the lake, I’d always go to the cabin behind us. They’d give me chocolate ice cream & chocolate chip cookies & chips. I would sketch a few pictures of their cat while she was sleeping so she didn’t move. I’d play around with their cat too. I had always enjoyed the little swing set they had out in front of their cabin side by side with the path of rocky dirt.

When I was young, at the lake, I’d always play with my cousins. I’d shoot the invisible zombies that tried to eat our brains. I’d heal my cousins and my brother when they got bit too. I’d shoot my water guns and dive in the water for safety from mosquitoes at night. During the day I’d build sandcastles with circles of water around them. I’d even run around bare-footed.

The fireplace was cozy, the couches were soft and squishy & comfy. Upstairs laid a mattress flat on the ground where I would sleep every night with my brother on the mattress on the other side of the tiny upstairs room. I’d run around with my brother and spy on my parents and grandparents. I had always enjoyed, and I still do enjoy, the time I spend, across the lake.


Lake Talon, ON


St. Lawrence River

Collected by

Angela Efstratudakis

Contributed by

Brooke D

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