Lake Erie, ON

Watermark by Robert Jones
Collected by Gabrielle Parent-Doliner
I grew up and spent a great part of my life on the water. I've had a lot of very good and interesting experiences there over the years,

One of my favourite little trips to make is in the evenings, half-way up the length on Long-Point. There's a little spot beach, maybe 10m long at the most. If you go out and get there just before sunset and anchor off the beach, there's always a family of deer that would come down, right at sunset. Your boat would be sitting there, and they would all come right to the water and get a drink. They would play around in the water a little bit, and not care about anyone around them. We would just sit out there and watch the deer and the sunset. It's always a great experience every time we're out there. We always except the deer to show-up and it's always a great place for the sunset.
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Everything was just right there before us. We were able to fish, play with the sand dunes, explore the beach, and do beach activities.

Lake Erie, ON - Mike Weimer
Lake Erie Watershed