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    Madawaska River, ON - Julia Hambleton

My Watermark is Madawaska River, Ontario.

I think Canoeing can give you a sense of power, as you are able to navigate the river with your own bare hands, without the aid of an engine or throttle. My mother taught me how to solo in a canoe during the summer of 1983 on the Madawaska River. The Madawaska is a perfect place to canoe as it doesn't get choppy and there aren't a prevalence of rapids. Soloing the river, still to this day, instills me with a calming feeling of confidence and strength.

Canoeing also creates a connection between myself and the river, as there is no sound or speed to block out my beautiful surroundings. You are able to hear and see every detail: the snapping turtles lurking in the marsh, schools of minnows and the many sounds of songbirds. Unlike when I'm in a powerboat, I don't feel I'm disturbing the natural system, I am a part of it. I feel as if I'me being respectful and mindful of the delicate ecosystem of which I am a guest.

Madawaska River, ON


Contributed By
Julia Hambleton

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Robert Scott

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