Mazinaw Lake, ON

Watermark by Ruth Howell
Collected by John Lawrence
My Watermark is Lake Mazinaw, Ontario.

For many years starting in 2000 our family met in the summer at Bon Echo Provincial Park on Lake Mazinaw, north of Napanee.

Lake Mazinaw was formed by the glaciers, and is surrounded by magnificent granite cliffs, and a wooded camping area.

It was interesting to kayak over to the cliff to examine the ancient native pictographs, and then climb the many steps to the top of the Mazinaw Rock, and enjoy the spectacular view from the trails.We also had fun swimming, fishing and relaxing around the campfire.

Lake Mazinaw is pristine, and holds many special memories for our family. I hope it will be protected for future generations to enjoy.
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I’m connected because I love shouting at the rock, that is about 100ft high and hearing that echo come back. We have so many summer memories there.

Mazinaw Lake, ON - John Teeter
Bon Echo Provincial Park