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Mississagua Lake, ON

Ella Lake

Hi my name is Ella Lake, and today I would like to talk about Mississagua Lake.

The lake is really important to me, because it's where I learned to swim, it's the lake that I grew up around. It was the lake that my family cottage was on, and so every time we would go up I would get to see my grandparents, and my cousins, and my aunts and my uncles. Every time we went up to the cottage it would be a massive family reunion.

Because I learned to swim there, it's a massive part of my connection with water, because it's where I spent every summer, every birthday, every Christmas, every Easter growing up. I'm pretty sure I learned to skate on that lake, and of course it's forest all around, so it's a massive part of my connection with the land all around me.

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Mississagua Lake, ON


Lake Ontario

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Naomi Sarazin

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Ella Lake

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