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Napanee River, ON

David Dillenbeck

The waterbody I’m going to talk about is the Napanee River.

I would say the best part of the Napanee River is the way it brings the communities together. There are a number of small rural communities on that watercourse and they like to claim to be part of that river system. Because it does have some dams on it’s not possible to easily traverse from head waters to the Bay of Quinte but a lot of people do endeavour to canoe and kayak various sections of it.

It was the first real river that I became aware of as a child, I grew up in the area. Over the years, I went away to university and when I graduated from University my first job was with the Napanee Region Conservation Authority and I did water quality sampling and assessment and lake survey work in that watershed. It was very interesting and enjoyed it very much, I’m very grateful I had the opportunity to do that and that stage in my career.

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Napanee River, ON


Lake Ontario

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Jessica Gordon

Contributed by

David Dillenbeck

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