Old Ausable Channel, ON

Watermark by Elizabeth R.
Collected by Claire Lawson
My Watermark is Old Ausable Channel at Pinery, Ontario.

I go there with my family all the time. My family and I have so many memories. We go camping canoeing adventuring some memories I have are when we went canoeing I saw deer drinking some water and a big turtle went under us, and another one was my dad's friend was dumb and bit the end of a lit sparkler and the end fell off and burnt his tongue.

We always camp with family and friends and we are going to camp a lot this summer. We have so many amazing memories there and we will make more soon. We also love it there because its so peaceful and we can bring our dogs and all you can hear is nature and it pretty everywhere you look.
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I've been to the Pinery many years with my parents and it was always a great time going there just cruising along the river on either kayaks or canoes.

Ausable River, ON - Josh White
Pinery Provincial Park