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Otonabee River, ON

Terry Rees

My Watermark is the Otonabee River near Peterborough, Ontario

Like a lot of people who spend time at the lake, my formative years were where I got my love of water and from a young age I spent lots of time in and around the water, so I've always loved it and everything about the cottage life that it involves. I'm an avid swimmer and water-skier my whole life; Wind-surfer, canoer. Any chance to be around the water is a chance to be closer to nature and spending time with family—always very important.

One of the nice things about being located as the provinces largest waterfront association here in the Peterborough the Kawarthas is that occasionally I get to commute to a meeting through some of the beautiful landscapes...this being one example of the many places that are treasured and wonderful around Ontario.

Anyway, I'm almost late for my meeting, so I'm about half-way from Peterborough, so off I should go and luckily there's a lovely trail. So enjoy your weekend and as we come into July 1st, let's all celebrate Canada and what mean to be so blessed with so much Canadian out of door fresh water and great open spaces, so have a great summer.

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Otonabee River, ON


Lake Ontario

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Matthew Chisholm

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Terry Rees

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